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$650 SaskEnergy Furnace Rebate

Limited Time Offer – Ends Nov 30th, 2019

Do you need to upgrade or replace your existing furnace?

For a limited time SaskEnergy is providing a $650 rebate for replacement furnaces with a minimum energy efficient rating of 97% AFUE.  Your existing furnaces must be greater than 10 years old to qualify.

For specific rebate program details visit the SaskEnergy Special Offers Page

One of the qualifying furnaces is the Lennox SLP98V. With industry-leading efficiencies of up to 98.7% AFUE*, the SLP98V can save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs every year.This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2019. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2019 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable heating and air conditioning provider near you, Pro Services is the name you can trust. With our specialist team and 24 hr emergency furnace service, we make sure that every household in Saskatoon stays safe and comfortable. Call now to take advantage of this limited time offer (306) 230-2442.

We, at Pro Service, operate around the clock all throughout the year and offer 24 hr furnace service. We know that technical or mechanical glitches with heating units and furnaces are mostly uninvited. Therefore, we are more than happy to help you with our seamless emergency furnace failure service at no hidden costs.

Whatever your Job, Whatever the Need Our Team is here for you!

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Pro Services – What makes us stand out?

The reasons that make us stand out include the following –

  • We provide 24-hour emergency services
  • We operate 365 days a year
  • We are BBB certified
  • We are fully insured
  • We give you 100% guarantee on customer satisfaction
  • All our technicians are certified and licensed
  • Our services come with wonderful financing options

Give us a call on (306) 230-2442 to experience Saskatoon’s most trusted heating and cooling services.

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