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Drain Services

Bathroom Drain Cleaning and Repair in Saskatoon

A clogged toilet or a blocked shower drain not only disrupts daily life, but it’s unsanitary too. If you’ve been searching the web for “bathroom drain cleaning services near me,” your search ends right here! At the first sign of a blocked toilet call Pro Service. There is nothing worse than an overflowing toilet that causes damage to the living space below. As a trusted drain cleaning and repair expert in Saskatoon, our service technicians can unclog sinks, toilets or shower drains reliably.

We have been fixing clogged drain issues for more than a decade. Besides cleaning services, we also fix drains that are in need of repair. There could be many reasons causing drain problems — aging sewer lines, overuse or blockages, calcification or tree root intrusion, to name a few. All such repair works are handled by our licensed technicians.

For all your bathroom drain issues, we’re just a phone call away and working with us is a breeze. Our drain experts arrive at your place on time, evaluate the situation, and provide you with their recommendations to eliminate the problem. We give you an honest and competitive quote, and perform the work quickly and efficiently minus any hassle. We get the job done right, within fastest turnaround, and let you get on with your day again.

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