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Sewer Cleanout and Floor Drain Services Saskatoon

A clogged pipe, blocked sewer or blocked floor drain can be more than an uncomfortable experience. One of the worst case scenarios is that of a clogged sewer, which is not only unpleasant but also highly unhygienic. It can be caused due to blocked pipes, broken pipes, incorrect disposal practices, and dirt build-ups, among many other reasons. We, at Pro Service, understand the urgency of addressing such situations and are always available to take care of these issues when they occur.

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine the level of water damage a burst pipe or sewer backup can cause; it might reflect in your home insurance. With us at your service, you can prevent unnecessary hassles and costly repairs down the road. Our sewer cleaning and repair services are trusted by households across Saskatoon. Need to unclog your sewer lines? Call us at (306) 230-2442 for 24/7 emergency drain cleaning and repair services. With our transparent job scheduling and invoicing, and 10+ years of experience, we promise service integrity that’s second to none!

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