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Heating and Furnace Services in Saskatoon

Heating and Furnace Services in Saskatoon

Imagine your home’s furnace going dead in the middle of a chilly winter night. There could be many reasons for a furnace to quit operating normally — maybe the maintenance wasn’t done regularly or professionally or perhaps you failed to see the warning signs of an imminent furnace failure. No matter what, this is something you wouldn’t want to happen for real, isn’t it? That’s why you need professional assistance when it comes to installing or maintaining your furnace and heating equipment. Moreover, it’s an investment in your comfort, health, and energy efficiency, so make sure you’re hiring the right emergency furnace service provider.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable heating and air conditioning provider near you, Pro Services is the name you can trust. With our specialist team and 24 hr emergency furnace service, we make sure that every household in Saskatoon stays safe and comfortable. Get in touch with us at (306) 230-2442 and get the best customer service you’ve ever experienced!

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Emergency Heating Services in Saskatoon

Because often appliances can refuse to work or go beyond repair at any point of time, it’s best to have the contact number of a reliable service provider handy that offers 24 hr emergency furnace repair services.

Are you searching the web for “emergency heating failure service near me”? You’ve come to the right place!

We, at Pro Service, operate around the clock all throughout the year and offer 24 hr furnace service. We know that technical or mechanical glitches with heating units and furnaces are mostly uninvited. Therefore, we are more than happy to help you with our seamless emergency furnace failure service at no hidden costs.

Whatever your Job, Whatever the Need Our Team is here for you!

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Heating System Installation and Replacement Services in Saskatoon

Is your old heating system inefficient or approaching end of life? A heating system replacement maybe in order. Whether it’s a furnace replacement or how water boiler replacement we can help. Keeping home appliances updated is a wise thing to do. A high efficiency furnace replacement can be super-saving. Not only in the terms of aesthetics, but also in regard to energy saving and home comfort control.

As new gas and electrical appliances are made according to the latest platforms available to them, the later the platform, the better the energy savings. Did your search for “a heating system service and replacement service provider near me” bring you to our page? That’s great because you can count on us for every form of heating installation and heating replacement services you can imagine!

We have a team of licensed technicians who are highly skilled and certified to perform all types of heating and air conditioning replacement — from residential furnace service and gas furnace repair, to water boiler services, in floor heating service, garage heater service, workshop heater service, to name a few.

Heating System Repair and Maintenance Services Saskatoon

Be it any heating system — from boilers to furnaces, water heaters garage heaters, radiant heaters, rooftop units, or anything else — Pro Service is committed to getting the job done right the first time.
Total equipment failure, poor comfort levels, or noisy operation — whatever be the issue, our pros can fix it all! Our certified technicians have the expertise with all makes and models of heating systems, and have the knowledge, tools and training to handle all types of heating repairs and tune ups.

Full Service Heating Dealer

We have maintenance packages that helps you stay on top of upkeep, so you can avoid inconvenient equipment failure and emergency repairs. Households in Saskatoon trust us for our prompt service and honest pricing. These are hallmarks of our service that you’ll experience every
time you hire us.

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Furnace Repair and Maintenance Service in Saskatoon

When was the last time you called a professional for furnace repair, furnace maintenance or a furnace tune up? If you have been simply ignoring your residential furnace maintenance since it was installed, unexpected troubles can happen. Just like many other appliances, your furnace too needs regular maintenance to perform optimally.

At Pro Service, our team of skilled and experienced professionals provide high efficiency furnace repair, high efficiency furnace maintenance, gas furnace maintenance, and furnace tuneup without burning holes in your pocket. Have a failed furnace after normal working hours? Pro Service provides 24 hr furnace repair services. So if you’ve been looking for “furnace repair and maintenance service provider near me”
— you’ve found us!

Furnace Replacement and Installation Saskatoon

Opting for energy efficient furnaces is good idea. It saves a lot of energy that reflects on your utility bills. However, it is also important to replace the old one with a high efficiency furnace installation. A gas furnace replacement or new furnace installation went wrong can be tormenting.

If you are looking to purchase a new furnace and your search for ‘professional furnace replacement and installation near me’ has bought you to Pro Service’s page, you are in safe hands. At Pro Service, we not only help you with seamless furnace replacement and installation services, but also help you find the right furnace for your home.

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Garage Heaters Saskatoon

Entering an icy-cold garage isn’t something that many would enjoy on a chilly morning. Garage heaters keep your vehicles warm and also make it easier for you to work out of your garage. If you need to get a new garage heater installation done in Saskatoon, you can count on the trusted pros at Pro Service. Whether you require a retrofit or new unit heater or new radiant heater, we provide stellar service at a great price. We can also install the associated gas line and electrical services required.

You have our 24-hr assistance in case you’re in need of any type of garage heater repair. With our blazing fast service and qualified team, we will get you out of trouble in no time! We are fully insured for liability and worker’s comp., to provide you with peace of mind service. Call 306-230-2442 to enjoy Saskatoon’s best rated heating service.


Indoor Air Quality and Comfort Control Saskatoon

Did you know the air inside your home can also make you unwell? Yes, you read it right. Therefore, time to time indoor air quality check is crucial for a healthy home where you and your family can live comfortably.
Have you been looking for indoor air quality and comfort control experts near me? Wow, you have landed on the right page.

We have years of experience in making homes a sustainable place to live. We have been serving the households in Saskatoon for more than 10-years now.

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Our services include supply and installation of, sheet metal ductwork, UV air purification systems, air filtration systems, heat recovery ventilators, comfort controls and so on for some of the noted brands including – Lennox, Napoleon, etc.

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Boiler Repair and Boiler Installation Specialists Saskatoon

Do you require boiler maintenance or repair for your existing hot water boiler? Do you need a boiler replacement? Pro Service can provide a free installation quote for a new boiler. No matter what, Pro Service gets you covered. Did you just search for the “best boiler repair and installation specialist near me”? Great! You have come to the right place. We also provide hot water in floor heating installation, in concert with your boiler system. At Pro Service, we service systems of all brands, makes and models. Plus, you can count on us for our experience in the market.

Pro Services – What makes us stand out?

The reasons that make us stand out include the following –

  • We provide 24-hour emergency services
  • We operate 365 days a year
  • We are BBB certified
  • We are fully insured
  • We give you 100% guarantee on customer satisfaction
  • All our technicians are certified and licensed
  • Our services come with wonderful financing options

Give us a call on (306) 230-2442 to experience Saskatoon’s most trusted heating and cooling services.

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