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Garage Heaters Saskatoon

Entering an icy-cold garage isn’t something that many would enjoy on a chilly morning. Garage heaters keep your vehicles warm and also make it easier for you to work out of your garage. If you need to get a new garage heater installation done in Saskatoon, you can count on the trusted pros at Pro Service. Whether you require a retrofit or new unit heater or new radiant heater, we provide stellar service at a great price. We can also install the associated gas line and electrical services required.

You have our 24-hr assistance in case you’re in need of any type of garage heater repair. With our blazing fast service and qualified team, we will get you out of trouble in no time! We are fully insured for liability and worker’s comp., to provide you with peace of mind service. Call 306-230-2442 to enjoy Saskatoon’s best rated heating service.

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