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Water Heater Services

Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair in Saskatoon

Tankless hot water heater installations are becoming more popular. Common namingconventions for these units are: instantaneous water heater, continuous water heater or on demand hot water heaters. These units come in both gas and electric versions. One of the advantages of these units is to provide a continuous, instantaneous supply of hot water.

Bathroom Install, Repair and Services

This is especially beneficial for households that have a high hot water demand throughout the day and the storage tank becomes depleted of hot water (i.e. morning showers). A condensing tankless hot water installation can increase the energy efficiency up to 94%. Also, since there is no storage tank involved, heat loss is minimized. There installation footprint is compact and since they can be wall mounted, they are ideal for small utility rooms. Call us to investigate your options for an on demand water heater installation or instantaneous water heater installation.

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